Culture Evolution: The Veretis Method

The idea of culture evolution stems from a combination of organisational culture and team development. Culture evolution focuses on enhancing the relationships present within an organisation – from the CEO and executive team to the entry level workers and interns. Our programs ensure that organisations are functioning at the highest level possible.

Problems with high functioning teams lead to problems with the large-scale organisational culture. A constructive culture provides employees with a growth inducing and collaborative environment to achieve their maximum potential. Conversely, a negative culture can lead to employees playing it safe, avoiding conflict and responsibility, and competing with each other in an unproductive manner.

Our culture evolution programs are based on decades of work with elite sporting clubs and accomplished organisations. Our highly successful approach of the Veretis method has been continuously built and refined during our three decades of experience.

The Veretis method helps teams clarify the “why?”, “what?” and “how?” that is necessary to reach higher-level performance goals and develop sustainable and productive relationships.

In addition to developing these relationships, our team helps to build sustainable processes that enable employees to thrive and excel. High-performance cultures need to be owned by all employees and regularly measured, monitored and transformed.

Veretis utilises a range of diagnostic and profiling tools which ensure that our work is not simply identifying the “climate” of the organisation but doing a “deep-dive” into the underlying causal factors that determine the cultural and team dynamics.

We help develop and execute an Awareness – Acceptance – Action model for the teams and employees in the organisation. This is used in combination with scientifically proven tools and feedback strategies, including simulations with real-time feedback. We then assist in implementing strategies that bridge the gap between actual and preferred team cultural values. 

We understand that the relationship dynamics of every team and organisation are different, and subsequently, we develop unique solutions for each client. Through evidence-based profiling and alignment strategies, Veretis helps highlight the needs of the client and then work together to craft their future.

Veretis is focused on using the best performance psychology techniques and research available to maximise results. Our culture evolution program can help reshape and transform your organisation to its full potential.

Our proven outcomes include:

  • Employee experience:
    • 26% higher satisfaction
    • 32% increase in motivation
    • 19% greater role clarity
    • 26% less stress intention
  • Team experience:
    • 28% increase in teamwork
    • 30% increase in inter-unit coordination
    • 25% increase in quality of products/services
  • Organisation experience:
    • 32% increase in organisational-level quality (business performance)
    • 32% increase in external adaptability (ability to change to adapting market trends)