Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Our EAP programs provide support to employees and management within an organisation, as well as family members and significant others. Our confidential counselling services offered provide support for mental health and wellbeing, critical incidents and life services such as elder care, finance and legal.

The Veretis EAP service is short term and solution focused, however, our clinicians will work in collaboration with clients to ensure long term solutions are formulated and explored.

Beyond high quality counselling, we work extensively with HR/P&C departments, as well as senior personnel within the organisation to provide easy to understand and relevant reporting.

This helps the organisation action appropriate methods to help increase the psychosocial safety, resilience and performance of their workplace. This also helps to preempt psychological issues which can detract from employees’ mental health and productivity.

Our EAPs help organisations provide a workplace setting where personal growth and wellbeing becomes the norm, not the exception. We aim to promote the brand of your organisation by cementing you as a true Employer of Choice where workplace thriving is a priority.

Veretis becomes a professional psychological adjunct to your business and a partner for your business success.