Leadership Enhancement: The Veretis Method

The strategies and behaviours of leaders directly impact the performance of their team and organisation. Leadership enhancement involves the transformation of your skills, focus and energy from a competent performer to a highly effective ground breaker. We drive performance in both individual and group leaders to ensure a team’s total output is consistently greater than the sum of its parts.

Some people are born leaders  – those who tend to take charge, or who others will look to in uncertain situations. However, some people may not sit as comfortably in a leadership role and can find it quite daunting and demanding.

Regardless of if you are a natural leader or not, leadership skills can be fostered and enhanced. The Veretis team has extensive experience with a wide range of individuals or small teams (such as executive teams) looking to improve their leadership skills.

In both personal and professional contexts, leadership enhancement is essential to improving performance. Individuals who actively seek to develop their leadership skills exponentially increase their own performance, as well as that of the team or group they are leading. Teams driven by exceptional leaders feel appreciated and supported – empowering them to contribute and commit to the task at hand. This leads to the efforts and results of the team and their leader far exceeding that of the individuals. Successful leaders drive real results in every aspect of their life.

The Veretis team utilizes an Awareness – Acceptance – Action model to approach leadership enhancement.

We use a wide range of psychometric tools and testing to achieve the ‘Awareness’ stage. These tests cover everything from emotional intelligence to dominant personality traits, as well as the highly renowned Human Synergistics suite of development tools. We then collect and utilise comprehensive feedback to gain insight into how the leader’s behaviors and actions are perceived by those around them. This helps individuals understand how their thoughts and behaviors affect their personal ability to complete tasks, as well as act as a leader to those around them.

Veretis team members then help coach participants to develop an understanding of their strengths and work areas for leadership skills. This can be individually, or as part of a group of leaders. We can provide an in depth analysis of how a group of leaders interact with each other, and strategies to help improve these relationships.

Once the Veretis team has coached leaders to identify and accept their leadership strengths and work areas,  we work with clients to develop action plans. These work towards improving personal effectiveness while subsequently driving the successful motivation and management of their team.