Mental Health and Well-being Audits

Veretis provides MH&W audits that are firmly cemented in the foundations of quality, awareness and proactive support. We do not compromise on these values, and set necessary benchmarking criteria in our audits. 

Taking into account both business objectives and financial targets, Veretis can provide reports and recommendations that isolate specific areas for improvement. Alternatively, we can provide a more holistic overview analysing all segments of the organisation’s mental health strategy investment.

The MH&W audits process requires an introductory meeting with HR departments and/or senior personnel within the organisation. This is to ensure we develop an appropriate audit strategy for the specific organisation.

Through carrying out an in-depth analysis of data from within the company and the external services rendered, Veretis can also help predict and prepare for potential HR and safety issues. We can explore whether the existing mental health programs are achieving their desired goals or are merely siphoning money with no real long-term or sustainable effect.  Based on the findings of the audit, we provide recommendations for more efficient programs that are guaranteed to see easily maintainable performance improvements.

Our reports and recommendations help ensure the organisation is investing in programs that genuinely make a difference, in terms of both increasing financial income and returns, and improving overall performance and mindset of the workplace.

We provide a debrief with the HR team and/or senior personnel, and identify how to implement and maintain the most effective mental health program for the organisation. This plan provides easily trackable and tangible results that can be regularly summarised for quarterly or P&L statements. We also educate the organisation on how to track the success of their strategies and outcomes moving forward, once the audit has concluded.

Our MH&W audits provide a workplace where personal growth and wellbeing becomes the accepted way that things are done. We ensure you gain the highest possible return from your mental health program, both financially and in organisational culture.