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Veretis works with individuals in two realms: Personal effectiveness and mental health & well-being.

Personal effectiveness

Veretis has extensive experience in helping people take their performance to the next level for both the pursuit and accomplishment of personal and professional goals. We provide one on one performance psychology coaching to help individuals transition through an Awareness – Acceptance – Action model of change. This requires the individual to assess and accept the key factors of their approach and environment.

Our training explores current strengths and weaknesses, as well as thought processes, behaviour, interactions and their subsequent effects on personal growth and functioning. An action plan centred on behaviours the individual needs to stop, start or keep, is then formed and implemented in order to optimise their performance.

Mental health & well-being

Veretis offers mental health and well-being services to individuals that focus on helping drive improvement and continually maintain a productive frame of mind. All Veretis staff are either university trained at a masters level in psychology, or clinical psychologists with extensive training and experience.

Our staff combine a warm and caring manner with a solution-focused approach. This aids people in understanding and working through the issues they are struggling with. We aim to not just help the individual in the moment, but to consistently develop resilience and positive problem-solving techniques. This helps the individual to maintain their mental health, resilience and well-being in the face of whatever future challenges life throws them.

Veretis works with teams to realise their full potential.

At Veretis, we see a team as more than a group of co-workers lumped together on the same project – we strive for a synergy of aligned purpose, values and vision.

A high performing team is capable of being 96% more effective than the same individuals working separately, while also producing 69% better results. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping teams unlock their potential, through enhancing their decision making and team-work abilities.

An effective team depends on every member understanding their role, and how it works in combination with the vision and mission of the team. Each member of a team possesses a unique personality and productivity style, and uniting these components to perform in sync can prove challenging for a business. Our performance psychology programs help to unify and strengthen team dynamics to ensure they achieve their maximum potential.

Veretis grows team performance by helping members understand themselves and other better. This opens a pathway to begin effectively utilising different strengths to achieve the best possible results.

Teams are faced with a variety of problems daily, and Veretis can help to overcome present challenges and prepare for future ones. How a team adapts to change, turnover, setbacks and communication breakdowns will strongly determine future success. Veretis can help teams and their leaders utilise these challenges in a positive manner and grow from the experience.

Veretis works with organisation of all sizes, to help develop and maintain a sustainable, constructive and high-performing culture across the entire company.

Each organisation faces unique challenges in realising their core mission and vision. Veretis works to ensure that employees are not one of these challenges, and are consistently provided with the opportunity to perform at their best.

Organisational culture, leadership enhancement, placement profiling, and resilience training are just some of the ways we support organisations to consistently perform at their best and respond to challenges that invariably present along the way.

Veretis combines proven theories and methodologies with experienced consultants, to deliver a trusted service which produces long term impact and outcomes.

Rather than using “gimmicks” or “one-hit wonder” motivational speeches, we concentrate on implementing strategic programs which address the specific needs of an organisation and their people. This provides a realistic and easily applicable game plan to improve culture and performance.

Client Testimonials

"Elite sport is obviously a very dynamic business with many pressures and expectations placed upon players and staff. The challenges of being in such a competitive environment can be intense and resilience testing to say the least. It has been fantastic to have Veretis work with us over many years now to provide the club with services that assist us in being as effective as we can be in our diverse roles. I know many of the players have benefited greatly on a personal and professional level as have coaching and other staff members from their interactions with the staff at Veretis. I personally have found them to be very responsive, flexible and passionate in their delivery of services which are so necessary and valuable in our unique circumstances."

- John Longmire, Senior Coach Sydney Swans

"Race riding is a very competitive occupation that can be really quite dangerous and that requires jockeys to be mentally strong, resilient and on top of their game in order to get the best out of themselves. We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Veretis to provide these elite athletes with a service that has made a major positive impact on many of their lives. Veretis has assisted many jockeys to deal with all sorts of challenges, some quite serious, in their lives, and for others to maximise their talent and abilities and to make incredible steps forward in their careers. The Jockeys Assistance Program provided by Veretis is available across NSW and the ACT and has been very professionally resourced wherever assistance is needed. The people at Veretis are very responsive and very passionate about what they do which is reflected in the quality of their services."

- Tony Crisafi, CEO NSW Jockeys Assocation

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