Applying Groundedness to Deal with Challenges

1.    Get in your Body…Slowly

  • Take five slow breaths. Focus on breathing from your belly and count each breath in and out. Try to slow it down….
  • Get up and do your favourite stretches
  • Walk or stand barefoot on grass or sand or lie down in a forest or on a beach
  • Place your feet in water..
  • Focus on your current position. If you’re sitting, feel your feet on the floor, your back in the chair and your arms pressing or resting on your lap or armrests.
  • If standing, feel your feet on the floor and the sensation of each piece of clothing you’re wearing against your skin…
  • If you are lying down, feel the contact between your head, your body and your legs, as they touch the surface you are lying on. Starting from your head, notice how each part of your body feels, all the way down to your feet, on the soft or hard surface.

2.    Move and Splash…SlowlyA cat stretching

  • Change your position, walk around and focus your attention on the movement of your feet and limbs as you take steps, breathe slowly
  • Push your feet into the floor, straighten your back in your chair, shrug your shoulders, sway your body if standing
  • Clap your hands together, splash water on your face and focus your attention on that movement, how it feels in your body and how it sounds

3.    Colour, Pat or Play

  • Play your favourite soothing music, do some colouring in, some knitting or other craft or even fold some washing …
  • Spend some time with your pet or in the garden, or cook something nutritious

….but give it your full attention – be in your senses…

A women lying on the ground4.    Notice and Savour

  • Notice five things you can see, four things you can hear, and three things you can feel, taste, or smell
  • Make a fresh cup of tea. Do each step of the process deliberately and slowly. Then smell the tea, hold the mug gently – feel its warmth, and take small sips, savouring the taste each time
  • Go to the fridge and take out a cold bottle of water. Feel the coldness and the water on the outside. Slowly drink or pour from it, and notice the cold sensation as you drink it
  • Get a chewy lolly, sultana, or a nut and examine how it looks, feels and smells. Place it slowly in your mouth and chew it deliberately and slowly, pausing as you go and then as you swallow

5.    Dial up the Positive Vibes..

  • Do your favourite meditation, or self compassion exercise
  • Dial down social media and the news or anything negative in your environment
  • Smile and laugh, even if you don’t feel like it…
  • Repeat gentle affirmations to yourself eg “Let’s go, relax” or “I’m ok”

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