Attitudinal Efficiency

How to Conserve Your Energy to Think Awesomely!

Most of us realise we need to be efficient with the use of our energy every day. Unlike the energiser bunny, humans only have a set amount of things we can do before our batteries run out. We need to be careful to not waste this valuable resource – for example, scrolling your social media feed when you wake up in the morning.

Did you know your thoughts and attitudes also take up this energy? Do you think efficiently and make the most of your daily resource? Being efficient with our thinking is important to make sure we don’t waste any opportunities.

But why is it so important?

Well basically, it runs our behaviour and our emotional regulation. If we waste this energy, our behaviour (actions) and emotions can run amok on us which leads to poor performance and often poor or damaged interpersonal relationships.

Attitudinal efficiency comes from shaping our attitudinal processes and the belief systems we hold in our brain. If we begin producing; Flexible, Adaptable, Rational, Positive and Solution Focused thoughts, we can meet daily challenges with energy and optimism and not get worn down by self-defeating beliefs that become energy vampires for us.

At times, we can put our brain and thought systems on automatic pilot. We just let it run if it is working for us. At other times, we have to take it off automatic pilot and run it on manual. We need to consciously fix these inefficiencies and ensure we dispute any irrational beliefs. We can then turn them far more positive and solution focused.

How do we do this?

To do this, we need to first become mindful of our thoughts and emotional state. We can then reframe any negative, upsetting or catastrophising thinking to more Flexible, Adaptable, Rational, Positive and Solution Oriented thinking. In this way, we turn anxiety provoking thinking and a problem focus into a solution focus. We approach situations as ‘this is a challenge’, and view it as an opportunity. This makes us feel less stressed or anxious, and helps us keep things in perspective.

Next, when an event happens and our belief system plays us upsetting thoughts, we need to dispute the thinking that is leading to that and focus our thinking on finding a solution to what is happening.

With enough practice, we can get very good at this. Similar to an elite sportsperson, the more you practice the better you get – you can develop attitudinal efficiency through the reframing, thought stopping and thought switching technique regularly. Practice initially on the smaller things and then get ready for larger issues that present down the track. You can then meet them head on with a good dose of Flexible, Adaptable, Rational, Positive and Solution Focused thinking – it just has to be good for you!

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