Clock into Happiness

How Happiness Can Help Your Workplace And How To Achieve It

 Happiness is a personal experience, easily influenced by a number of personal and impersonal factors. In a workplace, it can be easy to lose sight of why it matters to hold happiness as a priority. However, research suggests that happiness could be the cog that keeps the wheels turning. Growing happiness within the workplace comes down to integrating positive psychology and a culture of prioritising health within the very foundation of your business.

Here are just some of the ways that happiness can be encouraged in the office and how to reap the benefits:

1. Employees are happier when they feel heard by their management team.

Studies have shown that when employees feel supported by their management team, it can encourage more comfortable open dialogue between peers and leaders. It also increases their self-confidence, ultimately leading to increased productivity and higher quality work.

2. Services such as the Employee Assistance Program can help stop negative affect in the office.

EAP is a valuable resource that can help manage stress in the workplace. We know that stress can be equifinal in nature, so it can be hard for management and HR teams to provide the necessary support to alleviate stress. Especially when it may be impacting work performance. Encouraging employees to use their EAP can help address and prevent stress at the source and promote mindfulness, overall increasing happiness!

3. Facilitate a self-care environment for employees to prevent burnout
Colleagues Talking

Safe Work Australia reported that 92% of serious mental health issues are exacerbated by workplace stress. The active prevention of burnout and promotion of self-care routines within the workplace could work to reduce stress and increase overall happiness. You can look out for signs such as apathy, irritability, and emotional and physical exhaustion amongst your colleagues.

Prevention can be Facilitated by

  • Organising work events that allow the team to socialise in a low pressure, fun environment. Team bonding is key to allowing employees to feel happy and comfortable in their position at work.
  • Schedule a dedicated time to stop and take stock of everything going on during the day. This could be quickly debriefing with a colleague, taking the time to practice mindfulness and revisiting priorities for the day to help employees take control of their work.
  • Encourage open conversations between employees and their direct supervisors to discuss progress and workload

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