Mitchell Mclean

Mitchell is an experienced and engaging consultant with a psychological background allowing him to employ evidence-based therapeutic modalities in his consulting work. He has extensive experience working with individuals, teams, and organisations from varying walks of life and differing industries to achieve both professional and personal outcomes. Additionally, Mitchell has experience as an EAP counsellor supporting adults with personal and work-related matters (e.g., workplace bullying and harassment, and career transition) and he has experience as a Rehabilitation Consultant supporting adults with psychological injuries including adjustment disorders and PTSD.

Mitchell has extensive experience in compiling assessment batteries to identify both strengths and weaknesses at an individual, teams and organisational level to promote optimal performance. Mitchell has worked with a diverse range of clients to create personalised assessments that accurately measure their unique psychological profiles.

Mitchell is a registered psychologist, where he completed his Master of Professional Psychology at Macquarie University. He provides Psychological Support Services to individuals of widely differing backgrounds along with psychological coaching support to help individuals and organisations perform to their optimal level.