Rany Moran

Rany is the champion for the personal and professional development of her clients. She strives to help people recognise and heal past pains and emotional scars, so that they can move forward in life with renewed confidence. Rany develops strategies to help clients discover personal and professional barriers, overcome ‘limiting beliefs,’ and transform them into ’empowering beliefs’.

As a sydney based counsellor ,professional coach , and certified facilitator from The Virtues Project, a global initiative honoured by the United Nations, Rany brings a unique approach to coaching and counselling that focuses on developing the virtues of compassion, and resilience. She is also the CEO of Wowz Entertainment and Director of MindSight Global Pty Ltd.

Rany’s commitment to sustainability and resilience led her to found and trademarked 360 -degree sustainable resilience programmes, which offer comprehensive and holistic training programs designed to help individuals and organizations thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.  

Born and raised in Jakarta, Rany has lived in Singapore for 17 years, giving her a deep understanding of global perspectives and multi cultural lense . As a mother of two, Rany brings an empathetic approach to her coaching and counselling, helping her clients navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.