Rikeya Constable

Rikeya is highly experienced and passionate about providing psychological therapy and consulting for LGBTQIA+ population, where they utilise an affirmative approach to promote identity pride and manage stressors relating to discrimination and prejudice. The consulting approaches which Rikeya utilises are based on the individual’s personal values and presenting concerns. Rikeya is also passionate about building a real connection with individuals to ensure treatment goals are met by utilising the best evidence-based therapy; not only to facilitate insight to clients’ problems, but also move forward towards an aspired life. They are also experienced in providing support and education to teams in the area of affirmative therapy and supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

Rikeya offers guidance to organisations seeking to establish more inclusive environments that support the work and well-being of LGBTIQA+ employees. Rikeya’s approachable and empathetic personality makes them a valuable resource, for individuals and organisations.

Rikeya is a provisional psychologist in the final year of studying a Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Newcastle. Rikeya has experience in providing psychological therapy to a diverse population including adults, adolescence, children, families, and couples.