Get Going and Keep Going

This is a timely blog post with Xmas and New Year resolutions just around the corner! We all understand, hopefully, that life is a journey and if we are to be as successful as we are capable of becoming in any meaningful pursuit/s in our life then we need to have the resilience, perseverance and ‘stickability’ to ‘go the journey’ to achieve and sustain our success.

So, it’s not too difficult for many of us to get going, but many of us will falter and fail in the process of keeping going.

Attitudinal and Behavioural Techniques

Following are some very useful attitudinal and behavioural techniques that will help you stay on your pursuit and give it your very best shot:

  • Before you begin your challenge, your meaningful pursuit, make sure you spend some time reflecting upon:Male looking out towards the mountains

    • ‘WHY’ you want to get going on this?
    • What is the purpose in it?
    • What will the benefits be?
    • Is it really a useful use of your valuable time and energy?
  • There are 3 time periods around any meaningful pursuit, and related steps to accomplish; Preparing for, During and After.

    • In Preparing to get going, establish the self-talk and attitude/belief that you’re in this for the long haul. Make sure you consider the resources and support you may need to be successful. Are your prepared to commit to employing/organising those? What are some likely’ hurdles or derailers’ you may encounter? How will you navigate those if they occur – don’t avoid thinking about these. Prepare yourself well and hit them head on with the right attitudes and behaviours.
    • During your efforts to attain and make progress on your goal/s, make sure you focus on ‘what you have done and can do’. Not just on any trip ups or mistakes you make along the way. Again remind yourself and reflect quite regularly on why you are doing this and the benefits you are/will gain from the pursuit.
    • After the steps you implement make sure you give yourself a reward. A ‘pat on the back’ for the sustained effort you’re making and reflect upon the progress you have made to date.
  • Miniature male figurine standing on a world mapMake sure you have a ‘growth mindset’ and not a fixed mindset approach to your quest, the difference is outlined here:

    • The reason a ‘Growth mindset’ is so important is that people who have this approach tend to persevere and achieve their potential. Whereas those with a ‘Fixed Mindset’ tend to give up and are less likely to reach their potential!
  • Elicit the help of objective friends or work mates:

    • They can help with feedback and help you remain motivated and on track with your goal/s.
  • To help motivate and keep you on track, keep a ‘gratitude journal’:

    • You note down daily or regularly what you have achieved and done well. Also what you have learnt along the way, remember setbacks are opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Don’t become a ‘driven nutcase’ in your pursuit of your quest but approach it in a calm, measured manner:Male with his hands out, eyes shut, head tilting upwards to the sky

    • Institute a good level of self-care along the way so you maintain the vitality and energy to ‘go the distance’. Regular exercise and social support are important along with healthy balance eating and good quality sleep. If you hit any barriers with this consider professional assistance if you need it.
  • To enhance the ‘Growth Mindset’ approach make sure that your self talk, affirmations and general attitudinal and behavioural approach is:

    • Flexible, Adaptable, Rational, Positive and Solution Focused. As the wise old Philosopher carved on a stone tablet in 34AD, ‘Life is not about happenings, but what we tell ourselves about those happenings’

Okay so now we need to remember the Nike slogan, ‘Just do it’. Don’t put things off because we can be ‘avoiders’. But as noted above, prepare well, use constructive and solution focused reflective practice as we take on the tasks. Make sure we show ourselves gratitude for the steps we make towards our purposeful pursuit.

Great travels everyone, enjoy your journey/s.

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