Togetherness from a Distance

Did you know that loneliness increases early death at the same rate as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

So, What is Togetherness?

A girl video calling her male friend.

Togetherness is the social, emotional, and physical act of having and maintaining quality connections and relationships with others. Our mental health impacts our physical health. Togetherness has never been more important than during a time of COVID-19.

Benefits of Togetherness

The relationships built within a community can positively benefit your health, such as:

  • Improved nervous system
  • Healthier brain function
  • Decreased pain levels

Togetherness and COVID-19

Humans are social beings, and we need the community around us to thrive. Togetherness was challenged during COVID-19. Due to lockdowns, isolation, and working from home, physical closeness was limited. These measures increased the feeling of loneliness.

Many people relied on social media, and some found more meaningful, mindful and valuable relationships.

How to Maintain Togetherness, Even from a Distance…

four friends and a dog having a picnic on the grass

While the pandemic has eased, and life is slowly returning to normal. Individuals have been returning to social events and seeing friends and family, but it hasn’t been easy. 

Here is what you can do to encourage togetherness from a distance:

Find a Common Interest 

Close relationships are what defines togetherness and can be found through shared interests. This can be anything such as going for a walk outside, having a phone call, dinner or games night.

Keep it Simple 

The people you build these relationships with should encourage and make socialising fun and stress-free.

Age Doesn’t Matter 

The older community can find it more challenging to maintain relationships over social media. Show you care by baking a cake and dropping it off or calling them to check-in.

Make Time for Togetherness 

Finding the time and scheduling a social catch up, a phone call or a message to someone. It doesn’t take much to maintain these quality connections.

Take the First Step 
Two friends baking together

Stop waiting around for people to reach out to you. If you want to find new meaningful connections, you can join clubs and discover new people through either online or in-person groups!

Togetherness is more critical now than ever and with multiple benefits to your mental health and your physical and emotional health. Finding a community and fostering quality relationships can be the key to happiness, even if you must maintain a physical distance.

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